Welcome to the first edition of the new Jabberjaw Blog

I say the “new” Jabberjaw because the original was first published almost seventeen years ago as a printed office newsletter and now we are bringing it back to life! The name comes from the moment that we were in the development stage for the original newsletter and contemplating the label. My son was almost two years old and at the same instant that I thought to myself, “What should we call our newsletter?”, he immediately vocalized “Jabba, Jabba, Jabba……..”. Thanks son! I just got the name for our newsletter (and blog)! It also brought back fun memories of the old-style cartoon Jabberjaw the shark. Loved his teeth!!!

Our blog is designed to be a connection with our patient family to “think out loud….” and give information and updates about what is happening in the practice. I am planning on doing a weekly update so we hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the content and visit our blog often. Make it a great day!